Special Collections

We listen closely to our partner schools who have identified a number of areas in which they seek further resources. We then develop collections of high-quality academic resources which bring theological insights to these topics. In compiling the book lists, we consult closely with scholars and partners across the church for recommended titles of top-notch scholarship and cultural relevance.

The following images are samples and do not represent the current collection in its entirety.


Our African institutional partners all request theological books written from an African viewpoint and context. This collection of key African theology texts addresses relevant issues in local African contexts.


Our partner schools from every region of the Majority World are increasingly requesting materials on environmental stewardship and creation care. This project equips schools with hard-to-access resources that engage Creation from biblical and theological perspectives and practical resources to help put these principles into practice.

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Many of our partner schools report that they are ill-equipped to engage questions surrounding the issue of faith and science. The intersection of science and Christian faith is a critical issue for today’s world – and not only in the West. As the global church expands and changes, church leaders throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are wrestling with issues of faith and science.

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Many of the Network’s partner schools have requested resources on Eastern Christianity. The richness and depth of the Orthodox tradition assists historical and theological reflection as well as a greater understanding of this tradition. Our Orthodox book collection provides both primary sources from the Fathers of the Eastern Church as well as introductory texts that help open up their writings to a broader audience.


Our partner schools want to prepare graduates who are well-equipped to share God’s love for the poor, the sick, the imprisoned and the stranger. This collection brings biblically-based approaches to questions of poverty and prosperity; stewardship of God’s resources; justice for the poor; and specific issues such as economic development.


92% of our partner schools request resources on Christian-Muslim dialogue and interaction. This collection includes major reference works and other books that address the histories, theologies and practices of Islam and Christianity, and engagement between the two faiths.


This collection allows us to serve more Spanish-speaking countries by providing theological resources translated into Spanish. These books are now serving students and faculty in Latin America and Equatorial Guinea.


76% of schools that contact the Network request materials addressing violence against women and Biblical approaches to gender. This collection is designed to address this need.