We provide high-quality academic titles in theology, religion, and other disciplines requested by international partners and libraries. To this end, we accept donations of books that fit the needs of our partner schools.

Categories of Books Most Needed

  • Biblical Studies
    • Academic commentaries except the Interpreter's Bible Commentary (old edition)
    • Secondary and background studies to the Hebrew Bible and New Testament
    • Linguistic Tools (Greek, Hebrew)
  • Theology: historical and modern
  • Theology and Biblical Studies in French and Spanish
  • Church History/Historical Theology
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Missiology/Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Encyclopedias of Theology, Religion, and Bible (except the Interpreter's Bible Dictionary, old edition).

Please note: we are not currently accepting journals or periodicals, and books published prior to 1990. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Valuations of “fair market value” are the responsibility of the donor. We are not able to provide a dollar value of an in-kind gift.

Guidelines for Sending Books to the Theological Book Network

1. Review categories (see above). Anything outside of those categories cannot be used so please carefully check your books with our needs. We don’t want you to spend money on sending books that don’t fit our mission.

2. Pack books: (see pictures above)

  • Use a medium-sized book box.
  • Pack books in columns with larger volumes on the bottom and smaller on top.
  • Make sure the spines face each other.
  • Fill gaps with packing or newspaper.
  • Use large amounts of tape on all sides.
  • Place a sheet of paper inside each box with your name and address.
  • Place clear tape over your shipping label.

3. Send to: Theological Book Network, 5680 Kraft Ave SE, Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

The least expensive way to send the books is via the US Postal Service using their media mail rate. Your postage costs should be deductible, so you may want to keep your receipts.

If you have questions about this process please email Thank you!