Digital Projects

For hundreds of our partner schools throughout the Majority World, access to educational resources in electronic format is not readily available. Erratic electrical supply, low bandwidth,  unreliable internet connections, and expensive internet access costs significantly limit access. The Network has three projects to help our partners access digital material in ways appropriate for their context.

A curated list of free online resources is placed in every shipped box and posted here on our website. The infrastructure and internet capacity at many schools does not support extended searching for relevant materials. This list allows scholars to more easily access the high-quality materials that are available.

Most of our partner schools have told us that they prefer to receive electronic resources on CD, DVD, or hard drive. Internet costs are very high and electricity is erratic making it difficult to access digital resources. We provide hard drives loaded with theological resources under Creative Commons License to help bridge the gap as schools and their communities move toward a more reliable infrastructure.

The Network launched a pilot project to provide 10 seminary libraries in the Majority World with access to over 250 valuable e-books for 10 years through the JSTOR platform. These schools have the infrastructure but not the financial means to procure these resources.

"‘Digital Libraries for African Christian Colleges’ is a godsend!" - Eunice Kamaara, Professor of African Christian Ethics, Moi University, Kenya