Voices from the Global Church: Africa College of Theology, Rwanda

Recently, the Network had the pleasure of hosting one of our partners from Rwanda, Dr. Garry Friesen, faculty at Africa College of Theology and All the Bible in Community (Pictured above under the Rwandan flag). Dr. Friesen was able to share with the Network’s staff the impact our shipments have made in these two communities.

With great enthusiasm, Dr. Friesen explained: “One of the most enjoyable moments in my ministry life was the Kigali Kollection (with a “K”). We watched God raise up 20,000 books to create the Africa College of Theology (ACT) library in Kigali, Rwanda. It was a miracle. Our students from ACT later created the separate ministry called ABC (All the Bible in Community). ABC has started oral Bible reading groups and rural pastoral training.”

The Network is thrilled to hear how God is raising up a solid library at ACT and multiplying sound teaching for rural pastors through ABC.

In June of 2018, ABC finished the first of 6 bible study training modules with a third cohort of 35 pastors. Dr. Friesen taught Old Testament Survey, and they did a Kinyarwanda version of the Walk Thru the Old Testament and the Draw Thru the Old Testament. At the end of each module they would evaluate with reps from ABC, the sponsor church and a student. The Bishop of the church added a private word to Dr. Friesen. He had been praying desperately for a way to train the 100 leaders in their 80 churches. He said that he “felt like Simeon in Luke 2 when finally the old saint was holding God’s salvation in his arms in the form of the baby Jesus”. When it came to training their pastors, he thought of ABC as “the coming of their teaching “salvation””. “Finally, he had in his arms the key to giving biblical training to their 100 pastors and leaders,” said Dr. Friesen, “I reminded him that after Simeon held Jesus, he said, “Now your servant can die in peace.” So, Dr. Friesen added, “Don’t die, but let’s work together for making the church strong”. The third cohort of pastors were so excited to experience Matthew 4:4 oral Bible reading that some wept as they read Solomon’s beautiful prayer for the temple.

Pictured above: Rwandan students from Africa College of Theology with books from the Network (and other partners).

“The Theological Book Network has helped two Rwandan groups that I work with,” said Dr. Friesen, “ -- ACT, and ABC. We are starved for good study books in Rwanda. You have not only given us quality books, but delivered them to the front door. We rejoice when we see the TBN book container arrive in Kigali.”

We, too, rejoice when we see our partners stewarding these resources to train church leaders throughout the Global South.

To learn more about our partners like ACT and ABC, click here.