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Nigerian Missionary Explains the Need for Christian-Muslim Collection

Network supporter, Ruth Veltkamp, lived in Nigeria as a missionary teacher for over 45 years. She taught at secondary schools, theological education by extension programs, and West Africa Theological Seminary. Though she now resides in the U.S., Ruth still returns to Nigeria to teach at conferences and seminars.

We first met Ruth at our annual “Women’s Voices” luncheon in April 2018, when she came to hear her friend Anne Zaki speak. Last week, we reconnected with Ruth at our Global Distribution Center ahead of her upcoming trip to Nigeria.

When asked about the need and opportunity for theological books in Nigeria, Ruth shared, “Roughly half of Nigeria would call themselves Christians but many of them, including many pastors, have had little theological education, much less training for missions, including effective witness among Muslims. Since the national language of Nigeria is English, theological books written in English are very effective for the many Nigerians educated in government and private schools.”

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“I was amazed at the many shelves of relevant and scholarly books available, all well-arranged according to topic,” Ruth exclaimed, “Many of the books were classics, and many others were the newest, most up-to-date publications in various fields of study.”

Ruth’s visit reaffirmed the importance of equipping our partners with resources on Islam and Christian-Muslim engagement – requested by over 90% of schools we serve. To learn more about our Christian-Muslim special collection, click here. To see our Global Distribution Center for yourself, join us for our monthly tours, Bagels and Books.