Angu's Story

While the job at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore, India isn’t finished, they have largely acquired the resources needed to produce leaders in numbers and with the academic rigor to which others aspire. This past summer through our partners at the Nagel Institute we met one of SAIACS’ Ph.D. candidates, Ms. Angukali (Angu) Rotokha, (pictured above).

When asked how she felt about having resources for her specific area of study, Angu grinned:


"I’m so relieved and grateful! The important books I received from you (the Network) have gone into the latest chapter of my dissertation. It’s thought that everything is available digitally now, however, not every resource I need is digitized, and those that are, are very expensive. By helping equip the Christian academy in the Global South, the Network is helping to make it a more level playing field for all."

Not all schools aspire to offer Ph.D. programs but they all strive to cultivate men and women who lead with biblical grounding and theological insight. To this end, we listen closely to our partner schools and strive to meet their resource needs – helping to equip them for success. When the schools succeed, the church benefits from graduates who are able to faithfully preach, teach, and live out the Gospel.

The Network has been blessed with book donations this year from publishers, institutions and individuals, and now we need your help to get these much needed books shipped to our partner school libraries. Will you please make another financial year-end donation today? We can’t do this important work without you. Thank you!