We are committed to providing theological resources for the formation of leaders called to serve the global church.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Katigondo Seminary, Uganda

Thank you for caring about the global church! Your prayers and support are making it possible for us to provide books to young leaders seeking a strong theological education. Our partners send you their gratitude:

Thank you very much for your work on getting the books over here! They are such a massive addition and blessing to our students and staff - I can't tell you how grateful we are!
Ryan Hayes
Namikango Bible College

Theological Book Network Announces Research Opportunity for Global South Scholars

See here for more details
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Our Mission The Theological Book Network is committed to the creation and development of Majority World leaders by providing access to educational resources from the West and by assisting in the production and dissemination of local resources, contributing to the practice of theological reflection on the needs and goals of the Majority World church. The Theological Book Network is an ecumenical nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.