We are committed to providing theological resources for the formation of leaders called to serve the global church.

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Our Mission The Theological Book Network is committed to the creation and development of Majority World leaders by providing access to educational resources from the West and by assisting in the production and dissemination of local resources, contributing to the practice of theological reflection on the needs and goals of the Majority World church. The Theological Book Network is an ecumenical nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Easter Greetings,

As we enter this Easter season of new life, we give thanks to God for your commitment to the global church. Through your partnership, good books are reaching students, clergy and professors who are transforming congregations and providing hope in struggling communities.

We recently sat down with Reverend Youssef Samir of Egypt who pastors a large congregation and teaches at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, where he gratefully devours the academic resources sent by the Theological Book Network. He reflected on his role as both preacher and professor, and talked about the importance of books in his life:

It is a privilege to be both a seminary teacher and a pastor because each side serves the other. As preacher/pastor I am the theologian of the community. My academic work in the seminary enriches the thoughts, ideas, and scope of my preaching. Likewise, my preaching affects my academic work because I read theology with the eyes of a pastor who wants to bring the academic side of theology to my congregation's level.

The trend in our congregations in Egypt is to have "fast food preaching," which is a very shallow Christianity. My reading and studying in the seminary gives my preaching more depth. For example, the Church in Egypt is operating in a violent community. I use the academy and pulpit to explore how the Church can be the non-violent element in a violent community.

I believe that if a book affects my life, it also affects the life of the congregation. I spend a lot of time studying and reading because I know and I believe that if my thinking is renewed by the word of God, this will affect my congregation, and the church will affect the struggling community. That is why books play such a big role in my life.

We are blessed to have partners like Rev. Samir who bring wisdom and hope to communities living in the midst of turmoil. The Theological Book Network is committed to providing libraries with the highest quality theological books so that they can prepare clergy for leadership in difficult times. We rejoice in seeing these treasured texts come alive as their insights give readers the tools to deeply engage church and society.

My hope is that I might inspire you to share in this important work. It is your support that makes this ministry possible. Today, I ask for your help in the form of a donation that will allow us to send another shipment of books to the Middle East. This year we would like to serve 10 schools in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Egypt. Your contribution will enable theological resources to breathe new life and the hope of Easter into communities seeking a new way forward - through the resurrected Christ who makes all things possible.

Thank you for believing in the work of the Theological Book Network. Thank you for your partnership.

In Easter hope,

Nancy D. Arnison, J.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director