The Network has developed a custom eBook platform that aims to meeting the unique needs of Majority World theological education. The platform, called "eTBN", is designed to deliver low-cost, highly-scalable, and technologically appropriate access to the resources needed most by our partner schools.

Central to eTBN are "Core Collections", packages of hundreds or thousands of titles that address the curricular needs of global theological schools. Such texts are unavailable or far to expensive to acquire elsewhere. Core Collections are uniquely scalable, providing simultaneous user access to 250, 500, or 1000 titles for participating institutions. All titles are currently in publication and under copyright by reputable and leading theological publishers -- no open-access or public domain works.

eTBN will also feature a Marketplace. In the Marketplace, participating schools can acquire additional titles to customize their collections. The Marketplace offers market-appropriate pricing for thousands of titles, putting thousands more texts within reach of global schools.

The first phase of the project will focus on English language eBook offerings. Despite the initial focus on English language delivery and resources, the platform is being designed to be multilingual. This will enable rapid deployment into other languages so that men and women can read and study in their preferred languages. Successful proof-of-concept tests to use the eTBN reader for Arabic and Sinhalese texts have been completed successfully.

The eTBN platform aims to launch by mid-2022.