A Note from our new CEO, Jeff Clark: Preparing a Place for Mary

Since I've become involved with the Network, I'm seeing Scripture through new eyes. The familiar story of Martha and Mary is a recent example.

In Luke 10 Jesus and his disciples stop at the home of Martha and Mary. Martha works diligently on the meal preparation, while Mary sits at the feet of Jesus. It's not long before Mary pays a price for her decision. Martha rebukes her sternly and asks Jesus to send her back to work. Jesus teaches clearly that Mary's learning from Him is more important than the day-to-day demands of life.

So, what has this to do with the Network?

Well, it occurred to me that life in the Majority World is often difficult and laborious. For a young woman (or anyone, for that matter) to remove herself from the kitchen of life and add graduate studies to an already challenging life requires the power of the Spirit, a profound love for the Lord, and personal fortitude.

The question is, "At whose feet will this very deserving disciple sit?" At the Network, we strive to help local colleges, universities, and seminaries in the Majority World to be ready to receive her. She deserves to have access to appropriate and adequate resources. She needs excellent training to complete her studies and entrust to faithful women what she has learned so they can go out and do likewise. This is what we help our partner schools provide.

We envision a day when every Christian college, university, and seminary in the Majority World has access to the educational resources it needs to equip church leaders.

Thank you for joining us in this work.