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Digital Hard Drives for African Christian Colleges


Digital Hard Drives for African Christian Colleges

Pilot Program Successfully Completed!

Just over a year ago, the Theological Book Network launched its first crowdfunding campaign. The goal: to curate a collection of digital theological resources on hard drives and send them to Christian schools in Africa which don’t have reliable internet access. In November 2016 we delivered the last of 30 hard drives to Dr. Abel Ngarsoulede, President of FATES (the Shalom Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Chad). Dr. Ngarsoulede’s reaction was consistent with the feedback that we have heard from other recipients. He said, “Since I hold this material in my hands, my heart burns with joy.” One of the exciting outcomes of the project was to see recipient schools share the hard drives with their neighboring schools, multiplying the reach of the resource even further. Theological College of Zimbabwe, for instance, shared its hard drive with three neighboring schools immediately after downloading the resources onto its own computers, and then shipped it to a fourth school in another part of the country. In Kenya, librarian Ephraim Mudave wrote:
This is the good news of the year! I am so elated to read of this project, and the flexibility in use of the resources is amazing. Kindly send the drive to the address in this email. Be sure we shall extend the same to as many institutions and individuals as we can.
Ephraim Mudave, PhD University Librarian, Africa International University Nairobi, Kenya
  In all, 64 donors provided more than $15,000 to fund this project. Thank you to all who gave! Your donation helped plant seeds of digital access in Africa that will continue to bear fruit as these resources are shared and used widely. On learning about the success of this project, many of our partners in other geographic locations have asked us to consider extending the project to their regions. We are gathering further feedback from this pilot project and are listening to the needs of our partners in other regions as we plan our next steps.
Dr. Zachariah Char of Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan received a hard drive on a visit to the Network's Global Distribution Center in 2016

This survey is to help the Network learn how the hard drives are being used and ways to improve them.  The goal of the digital libraries on hard drives is to provide the texts that are appropriate for theological education and freely available on the internet without the time spent searching and the expenses of downloading.

The “Christian Classics Ethereal Library” collection

Included in the hard drive is the Christ Classics Ethereal Library. The mission of the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) is to build up the church by making classic Christian literature widely available and promoting its use for edification and study by interested Christians, seekers and scholars. The CCEL accomplishes this by selecting, collecting, distributing, and promoting valuable literature through the World Wide Web and other media.

3. Which of the following have found the CCEL resources most useful.  Please rank in order of 1 – uses it the most , to 5 – uses it the resources the least.