Jun 30 17

Science and Faith Project



Deepening the Science and Faith Conversation around the World

The intersection of science and Christian faith is a critical issue for today’s world – and not only in the West. As the global church expands and changes, church leaders in the Majority World are wrestling with issues of faith and science throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

These leaders have told us that they are underequipped to dig into issues like young earth creationism, evolution, the environment, and new atheist voices. Clergy and faculty across the globe lack access to the high-quality theological resources needed to engage these matters in faithful ways.

“There is one question that troubled me when I was in college: can science and faith be brought on the same boat? At that time the question was difficult to answer. I was startled to see The Language of Science and Faith, one of the books we received from Theological Book Network. When I saw the title, I felt interested. Then, I braced myself to see inside—the book tells me about the integration between science and faith. The book wants to tell us that both science and faith have the same language, that God is the Creator. . . I can tell that if I had access to this book when I was in college, maybe the questions about science and faith won’t disturb me so much. . . Thank you for such a generous gift!”

-Adrianus Yosia, M.Div. student at Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SEABS) in Indonesia which
received the Science and Faith Collection in the pilot project

The Theological Book Network is committed to creating access to high-quality resources on faith and science, such as Francis Collins’ The Language of God, and John Polkinghorne’s Faith, Science, and Understanding. Our partner schools in the Majority World are dedicated to forming leaders who can preach, teach, and bring new scholarship on these topics.

We hope that you will help us. In 2016, the Network successfully completed a pilot project that sent a special collection of 20 books on faith and science to 50 partner schools in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Feedback on this project was extremely positive (see sidebar), and in response to this feedback we are adding five advanced academic texts. Dozens of additional schools have requested the collection, and we now hope to launch phase two, sending a collection of 25 books to another 50 schools.

To accomplish this project at market rates would cost $60,000. But, by leveraging our strong relationships with publishers and our economies of scale in shipping, we can complete it for $36,000—about 40% below market rates. An anonymous donor has generously pledged to fund half of that amount if we can raise the other half—so your gift will be doubled!

Your donation today will help us raise the $18,000 needed for this matching gift by our June 30 goal. Thank you for your partnership in this strategic work!

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