May 23 17

Deepening Theological Roots In Africa

Josephine Munyao of Daystar University in Kenya consulting Mercy Oduyoye’s book on gender and theology in Africa.

Deepening Theological Roots In Africa

Christianity in Africa is growing exponentially. To nourish this growth, African Christians point to the need for trained leaders deeply rooted in their cultural contexts. Seminaries educating these leaders lament the lack of specialized books grounded in their unique African soil.

Every year the Network receives hundreds of requests from these institutions for resources on African theology authored by Africans. Recently a partner school in Malawi received a book shipment and sent comments highlighting the importance of these specialized materials:

The books are very helpful, especially where they provide the important background information both in terms of biblical as well as theological developments. We were thrilled to find books that deal with African issues. They indeed will provide helpful reflections for our faculty and subsequently for our students.

These targeted resources are critical to the training of leaders who will respond thoughtfully and faithfully to difficult questions facing their communities. Prof. Tesur Aben from Nigeria notes:

Theological education prepares African pastors to take their place as community leaders who are consulted by their populations about everything in life. Pastors today have to be well trained to respond to all questions of life presented by their people.

Mateso Aku of Africa International University holding a set of books on African theology.

The Network would like to meet this growing demand. With your help we can provide clergy, faculty, and students with the theological resources to fruitfully engage pressing questions of gender, poverty, environment, corruption, technology, youth, disease, war, and many others.

We have worked with leading African theologians to identify 15 key books to send to 100 seminaries. For each gift of $250, you will provide a set of these specialized books to schools that are anxious to receive them and will put them to good use.

The market cost to conduct this project would be $49,000 but we are able to accomplish it for just $22,000 due to our relationships with publishers and our economies of scale in shipping.

We’ve already raised more than $5,000 for the project. Your gift today will help us raise the remaining $17,000 by our target date of June 30 so that we can begin shipments.

Please make your gift here to support this important work! Thank you!