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Indigenous Scholarship


The Center for South Asian Research (CSAR) is a joint project of the Theological Book Network, the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), and ScholarLeaders International. The CSAR provides an opportunity for scholars from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions to gather for 4-6 months to research and write for the purpose of publishing material for dissemination in the Majority World and in the West.

The CSAR is housed on the campus of SAIACS in Bangalore, India. Participants receive a stipend and lodging. Scholars receive access to an advanced research library, working space, internet access, writing coaches and connections to publishers.

For more information and an application, click here.

In addition to hosting scholars on research sabbaticals, the CSAR also holds writers’ workshops for indigenous scholars who wish to sharpen their writing skills for publication. There is a huge demand for learning the mechanics of academic writing from professional academics and publishers.

For the first time, I could sit down with people who graciously showed me around the world of publishing. Prior to this time, I had not had any such practical experience. I learned a lot.
-Dr. Sanyu Iralu,
President of Shalom Bible Seminary, India